office culture

"The less you felt valued at work, the more you clung to the few perks you were offered."
Hell is working in an office with other people.
Ever sit in a meeting with no clue what people are talking about?
These ideas can place a huge blockade between you and your career ambitions.
JD: How has the community (digital, person-al, or otherwise) dealt with the garbage? LS: Last May, my friend Zoë and I walked
Saying "I'm sorry" to every animate and inanimate object in our path for every reason and absolutely no reason at all is
Take inventory of what you do. So even though it may feel like you're slacking, taking these little steps to change your
Finding a company where you don’t have to cover parts of your identity can be done, but it does take work.
The hardest part of being a craft beer aficionado is choosing your next brand. With the number of craft breweries in the US at an all-time high, there are more choices than ever, so how do you know which style will suit your tastes?
A few years ago during a Bluedrop board meeting, I remember one of our directors at the time, Lecia Stewart, injecting some philosophy during an analytic discussion. She warned us to consider a truism based on the ideas of Peter Drucker -- "culture eats strategy for breakfast."