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The Education Department meeting followed a report that the administration plans to roll back legal protections for transgender people.
The Department of Education is embracing a definition of Judaism as both a religion and an ethnicity. Other groups have asked for the same treatment.
A HuffPost analysis revealed thousands of allegations of racial discrimination that haven't been publicly reported.
How Candice Jackson went from small-town libertarian to a top civil rights position in the Department of Education.
Candice Jackson indicated she was against rescinding the Obama-era school discipline guidance that protects brown and black children.
... and the right-wing bureaucrats Trump installed in D.C. might agree with him.
Exclusive: Transgender students are filing discrimination complaints with the Office for Civil Rights, but the office says these issues fall outside its purview.
There is very little evidence that wrongful accusation is even a problem.
LGBTQ groups are worried about new rules for the Office for Civil Rights.
The Trump administration is also looking to slash budgets and eliminate positions that have historically carried out important civil rights work.
Compiling the list was "really easy," Amnesty USA's executive director said.
The district has a long history of alleged discrimination against black students.
Let’s look at some of the lowlights, in chronological order.
Candice Jackson’s intellectual journey raises questions about how actively she will investigate allegations of unfair treatment of minorities and women.
“It is going to have a serious, probably devastating impact," one advocate said.
The feds have been criticized for what some call a late response to the rash of threats since January.