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No amount of physical exercise makes up for your desk chair.
Once you've mastered standing at your new desk, you may want to consider treadmill or stationary bike desks that allow you to move slowly while working. Many standing desks are modifiable to work with these movement desks, too.
A few simple changes can make the daily grind a lot less grinding.
Because your office doesn't have to suck the life out of you.
A Cornell study, cited by the New Yorker, also found that workers who were exposed to the noise level of an open office for
It turns out that having a challenging career can actually be quite good for you. Counter to what we often hear, a landmark study recently found that certain types of stress are linked to living longer lives.
Apparently just making a living can put you at risk of death. For one, just sitting for such a long time can increase the
As it turns out, employees are more honest about calling in sick than you might have thought. A new survey by