office jargon

Ever sit in a meeting with no clue what people are talking about?
The state of business writing is generally dismal today. If I had a nickel for every poorly written article or blog post I've seen, I'd have quite a few nickels. Passive voice, horrible jargon, and run-on sentences make much if not most text confusing at best and downright inscrutable at worst.
It's like Axe body spray: once you start using it, people only want to speak with you via email.
“Here’s your ‘buzzword bingo’ card for the meeting,” Wally says to Dilbert, handing him a piece of paper. “If the boss uses
When we replace a specific task with a vague expression, we grant the task more magnitude than it deserves. If we don't describe
* * * Someone just pointed out that I promised 10 cliches in the title but listed only 9. Oh, sorry, guess I did. No matter
This isn't my first time at the linguistic rodeo. While we can't wipe out Worklish, we can embrace coping strategies.
Rookie Mistakes: 5 You'll Never Make Again “Let’s reach out to someone in accounting to get those numbers.” “Your work on