office job

Unless you're lucky enough to find a job that you're passionate about (most are passionate about money, not the work per se), then work is probably a drag for you. My point? We shouldn't make an already un-fun event, more detrimental than it need be -- yet, it is.
It's like Axe body spray: once you start using it, people only want to speak with you via email.
Whether you are dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, or have any other type of dietary restriction, managing your diet in an office environment can be challenging.
We don't need to be in transit to be able to approach our days this way. It is possible for me to be living my normal life and be excited for the unknowns of the day. I meet new people and do new things every day.
It only takes two weeks for you to hone a Robin Williams-perfect impression of your boss, but it only takes one more week
Productivity is on the increase, and this is bad news for all the cubicle workers of the world. Productive meetings can be like an infectious disease within your organization.