office of civil rights

Both Trump and DeVos, if she is confirmed, also need to understand the historic role the federal government has played in
The new federal law Every Students Succeeds Act, replacing No Child Left Behind, gutted many powers of the Secretary of Education. In this new legal landscape, the Secretary's greatest and most destructive power thus may be the ability to do nothing on key issues of oversight and educational equity.
If the U.S. government and the Commonwealth of Virginia wish to foster some real change, I suggest they go beyond telling UVa to clean up their act. Instead, put some teeth in place by initiating a moratorium on state and federal funding to UVa until they can demonstrate that their environment is no longer hostile toward women.
But the university isn't hiding its annoyance with the lengthy investigation.
Going back to school is always going to be a little nerve wracking. Kids will always worry about classes, friendships, and keeping up with the latest fads. But they should never have to worry for their safety.
Sharon Brittingham was facing a culture of indifference and neglect that had grown over years. The first thing she did was integrate the special education classes in with the regular classes, sending special education teachers in to help classroom teachers.
Since 2009, the feds have received 2,000 complaints of such incidents. But until now, due to the nature of his disability
Attention: College students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators. Did you know that sexual assaults are more likely to occur during the beginning of the fall term than any other time of the year?
"This data collection shines a clear, unbiased light on places that are delivering on the promise of an equal education for
SUNY spokesman David D. Doyle said the Education Department's release of the review and the resolution agreement should be