Office of Government Ethics

Finance companies loaned Jared Kushner's family business more than $500 million after meeting with the senior White House adviser.
Their letter comes after Republican congressional leaders pushed back on conducting an investigation.
Walter Shaub continues to warn that Trump has created, at minimum, "the appearance of profiting from the presidency."
Walter Shaub Jr., the Office of Government Ethics Director, has announed his resignation. He is planning to join the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit that works on voting rights and campaign finance issues.
“America should have the right to know what the motivations of its leaders are," Walter Shaub Jr. told CBS News.
An odd accusation seems more unfair and potentially destructive to the Office of Government Ethics than to Hillary Clinton's former campaign chair.
"Disciplinary action serves to deter future misconduct," the Office of Government Ethics director wrote. Conway promised not to do it again.
"Do you believe in science? Because I do," a girl asks the House Oversight chair as hundreds cheer.