Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

During the last election, Donald Trump claimed that he would have won the popular vote had millions of illegals not voted
For the 26th week of 2014 (the half year point) in the U.S., 18.5% more tank cars were on the tracks carrying petroleum and/or petroleum products than last year, a total of 15,894 cars.
Big Rail has talked a big game to the public about its desire for increased safety measures for its trains carrying oil obtained via hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") in the Bakken Shale. What happens behind closed doors, the meeting logs show, tells another story.
The coalition cites concerns about "political interference with potentially controversial rules" as well as the "timeliness
The EPA withdrawing the latest two rules wasn't exactly a surprise to advocates of reforming chemical policy in the U.S. "This
The Fair Labor Standards Act was passed 75 years ago to protect workers. A badly written amendment passed almost 40 years ago inadvertently exempted a pool of poor and vulnerable workers. It is way past time to right this wrong.
Because CBA is so unpopular, it remains off-limits in broad swaths of public policy.
"With Cass Sunstein's departure, the Administration should take this opportunity to shift gears from their focus on 'lookback
He faced antagonism at the AEI as well. But surprisingly enough, the most pointed questions came from members of progressive
Since then, there has been a major move to increase OIRA's transparency and ensure that cost-benefit analysis is used in