office of legal counsel

An opinion from DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel said the FDA lacked jurisdiction over drugs meant to “effectuate capital punishment.”
Trump court nominee Howard Nielson told senators not to worry about that time he attacked a gay judge's impartiality.
The principal author of three detailed memos authorizing the use of torture by the CIA during the Bush administration had
Steven Bradbury's confirmation hearing is set to take place Wednesday.
Or rather, he could. But it would likely be "a horrible disaster" that could lead to his downfall.
Charles Grassley's letter is another sign of Republicans' growing frustration with Trump.
“The proposed Order is approved with respect to form and legality," the memo stated.
Senators want to know what, exactly, the DOJ does when it reviews the president's orders.
And what that tells us about the decline of the government lawyer -- and the law itself -- in the context of national security.
The reaction to the President's announcement from his critics has been swift and loud. Regrettably, they have focused nearly entirely on how the president has taken these actions, ignoring entirely any engagement on the merits of the steps taken.
Either the president needs some new faces in the Office of Legal Counsel, or his team needs to do what many of his allies on Capitol Hill are calling for: Ask Congress to grant new statutory authority for the military campaign against ISIL in both Iraq and Syria. What is the administration afraid of?
The letter from Hensarling and McHenry set a Jan. 3 deadline, but officials have yet to receive the documents from DOJ, according
The Obama administration was serious enough aboutmanufacturing a high-value platinum coin to avert a congressional fight over the debt ceiling that it had its top lawyers draw up a memo laying out the legal case for such a move, The Huffington Post learned last week.