Office of National Drug Control Policy

Carroll, who currently serves as White House deputy chief of staff, must be confirmed by the Senate.
After graduating college, the only other job Taylor Weyeneth had was working on Trump's presidential campaign.
Taylor Weyeneth was fired from a law firm in 2015 for not showing up to work.
The issues that sunk Rep. Tom Marino were well known.
More than a month ago, Trump announced he was "drawing documents now" to tackle "a serious problem, the likes of which we have never had."
Michael Botticelli says the ACA has helped to combat the country's opioid epidemic.
I appreciated this 60 Minutes profile and it felt like breaking new ground. But 60 Minutes dropped the ball by not challenging some of the feel-good rhetoric.
The state currently bars medication-assisted treatments for addicts in its drug courts. State judges order defendants off
The drug czar's office has long functioned as a cheerleader for punitive drug policies. However, under the Obama administration, the drug czar's office has made a notable shift in rhetoric and tone.
A spokesman for the Office of National Drug Control Policy, elaborating on Botticelli’s initiative, said that applicants
While it is truly great to see ONDCP trying to help prevent overdoses, they're still missing the big picture -- the criminalization of drug use is what's predominantly driving the harms associated with drug use.
While 86 percent of those arrested in the District were black and only 4 percent white, 31.2 percent of whites tested positive
"It's the largest increase in treatment funding requests in two decades," he said of the new budget. Indeed, the White House
White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske rolled out the latest annual federal drug control strategy this week. But his office has fallen well short of 2010 goals, a report released by the Government Accountability Office on Thursday found. Ryan Grim and Matt Sledge join Abby to discuss.
Rafael Lemaitre, a spokesman for Kerlikowske's office, said in an email that illegal drug use was declining, with the exception