Office of Refugee Resettlement

After being split from their parents, some children were allegedly sexually, physically or emotionally abused in foster care.
The DC Circuit ruled the administration can't block pregnant teenagers who are undocumented from obtaining abortions, in line with Supreme Court precedent.
Rep. Ted Deutch released data on the claims amid a hearing on the Trump administration's policy of family separations at the border.
Six weeks after Iris Cruz was fingerprinted so that she could pick up her 14-year-old, she still hasn’t seen her child.
The "psychological and emotional impact is forever," the official said.
He’s the same guy who blocked a teenage migrant who’d been raped from obtaining an abortion.
The inspection will examine the health and safety of the facilities housing about 12,000 children.
These parents say Trump's zero tolerance border policy has devastated their families.
"This is as horrific a policy as I've seen in 25-plus years doing civil rights work," an ACLU attorney said.
An HHS spokesman said the interim rule was still in the approval process, but did not comment on the Democrats' letter. HHS's
Overall, using the term "human" has been disingenuous all along because our government's role in addressing this child influx are false gestures that only attempt to "help" while leaving structural inequalities intact.
Our government isn't really invested in the well being of these children since our policies have played a great role in making them live as adults and placing them in harm's way all their lives.
Why such different regard from the government between these children and their parents when poverty, just like wealth, knows no age, but is rather inherited?
And the growing scale of the problem is also worrying to advocates. In order to deal with the crisis at the border, HHS is
The children at the border are only a symptom of a crisis of extreme violence in Central America and a crisis inside the Beltway caused by a dysfunctional Congress that misses opportunity after opportunity to fix our broken immigration laws. This is a life and death issue.
This month, as kids across the United States wrapped up the school year and started their summer breaks, thousands of children from Central America were embarking on a different kind of transition.
WASHINGTON -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry accused the Obama administration last week of skirting its immigration enforcement duties