Office of Refugee Resettlement

The Office of Refugee Resettlement has given up on its fight with the ACLU over parental consent laws.
Immigrant advocates say the government is legally required to provide these services.
After being split from their parents, some children were allegedly sexually, physically or emotionally abused in foster care.
The DC Circuit ruled the administration can't block pregnant teenagers who are undocumented from obtaining abortions, in line with Supreme Court precedent.
Rep. Ted Deutch released data on the claims amid a hearing on the Trump administration's policy of family separations at the border.
But he’s still working for the Trump administration.
Six weeks after Iris Cruz was fingerprinted so that she could pick up her 14-year-old, she still hasn’t seen her child.
The "psychological and emotional impact is forever," the official said.
He’s the same guy who blocked a teenage migrant who’d been raped from obtaining an abortion.
The inspection will examine the health and safety of the facilities housing about 12,000 children.