Office of the Inspector General

Brock Long, known for mishandling the Hurricane Maria response, got a steep discount from former Homeland Security head Kirstjen Nielsen.
Federal investigators found fewer than 100 emails on government matters sent to and from the education secretary's personal accounts.
If the public doesn’t know the truth, we cannot assist in the response or hold our government accountable if it fails us.
Harvey. Irma. Maria. In a hyperactive hurricane season, the mere mention of these storms evokes fear, dread -- and regret
An obscure Obamacare provision forces rural hospitals to pay full price for drugs that many bigger hospitals buy at deeply discounted rates.
Mentally ill federal prisoners aren't getting proper treatment in the Bureau of Prisons, according to a new Justice Department watchdog report.
Pruitt said in a interview he does not believe carbon dioxide is driving global climate change.
Democrats want to know if inspectors general really are in the firing line.
In a letter, Martin Gottesfeld highlighted a myriad of alleged health and safety issues plaguing inmates.
Sudarshan Rajak disappeared under suspicious circumstances after protesting the relocation of families for Reliance Power's 4,000-megawatt Sasan coal project in Singrauli, India.
Instead of privatizing the post office, there may be a better way to raise revenue for the post office by providing financial services for many who need access to credit and short-term capital.
Every year, roughly 150 million cattle and pigs are slaughtered in our nation's slaughterhouses, and the one measly law that attempts to ensure some small decrease in their abuse is all-but-ignored by the agency charged with enforcing it. Even their top personnel don't understand what it says.
The Obama administration has quietly adopted a series of anti-small business policies that will cost small businesses and minority-owned small businesses billions of dollars a month.
Kotz, a former inspector general at the Peace Corps, came to the agency in late 2007, with little expertise in securities