office party

These days many people shy away from entertaining, especially a crowd. This is a shame. Holiday parties end up being held at the office, which is no fun for anyone. The Chrismukkah holiday season is a wonderful excuse to bring together friends.
The office holiday party season is almost here, and with it comes a variety of potential morale, legal and public relations issues.
The Office Party can feel like a playground or a prison, depending on the company culture of your workplace. BUT there are some easy ways to capitalize on the good times and avoid potential land mines, no matter what kind of holiday party gets thrown at you.
Tonight marks the series finale of The Office. Invite some friends over, serve some Scotch with Splenda, and play a little Dunderball. It's easy -- especially when you've got a handy list. Here, courtesy of Office Tally, are 20 things you need to hold an Office finale party that would make Michael dance badly.
Step 8: At karaoke parties, play to the crowd. As much as you avoid stepping up to the mike in your personal life, you're
The invitations are out. The trimmings are up, and workers everywhere are starting to sweat. It's beginning to look a lot
'Tis the season for holiday parties again! Though many companies, especially on Wall Street, started cutting way back on
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Once the holidays are over, nobody remembers how much they ate, how badly they danced, or even how much they drank. But they will remember that you got freaky.