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There's enduring truth about how to enjoy life and your job in this hilarious workplace comedy.
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There are few things in life that can suck the creative energy right out of you quite like that of a drab and boring office space. Homogenous rows of cubicles completely devoid of personality might be the worst, but generic beige walls and bland carpets are horribly oppressive in their own right.
A well organized work space has tremendous benefits. It makes you feel in control and clearly focus and define areas that may need proper attention. An organized space can literally eliminate distractions, position you for success, save you time and help you stay super productive.
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A dedicated office space will cost $10-$50 per square foot each month, depending on the cost of living in the city where the entrepreneur is located. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars per month on rent, there are alternatives new business owners should consider.
Good things come in pairs! Another office park we are proud of - Alchemia, located just across the street from OBC. It has
In today's work world, being productive and being creative are the two important defining characteristics for success. Whether the entity is a company that supports on-site teams, or encourages remote working, the work environment plays a huge role in the quality of work and morale of the employees.
Ted Cruz channels "Office Space," but not everyone's laughing.
Here's something to talk about at the water cooler.
This article first appeared on Dear Val, I sit right across from a coworker who frequently thinks out loud by
Years from now, are you going to think about that internet video that got a million views your friend sent you, or that film that changed your life?
To meet the influx of tech companies and their needs, tech hubs like New York City are rapidly changing. Here are four ways that tech companies are affecting NYC's real estate landscape.
Forget about moving desks or chairs around. The future of work space may be offices that assemble themselves.