officer involved shootings

Our urban warrior's do not receive the adequate level of human performance training needed to address the rigors of the job to decompress the mind when tragedy strikes. As a result, many of our officers are expected to carry around an excessive amount of anger and suffering that could impair their ability to efficiently do their job.
The lessons of Ferguson and Baltimore, and now Milwaukee, remind us those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.
It has been one year since Tony Robinson was killed. That night, I pulled into the gas station across the street from where Tony lived and immediately knew something was amiss.
Part of Thursday's hearing will discuss whether one of the cops charged should testify against his colleagues.
Dozens of protesters have camped in front of the north Minneapolis precinct near where the shooting occurred.
Officer Randall Kerrick thought he fired four to six times, but said he now knows it was 12 times.