The incident took place during Ashoura commemorations, when hundreds of thousands of people converge on the city of Karbala.
Brazil's top court says officials cannot investigate U.S. journalist Glenn Greenwald for his work or for protecting confidential sources.
Officials believe the gunman, described as "kind of a loner," fired randomly into the crowd at the California food festival.
Authorities investigating Flint’s water crisis have used search warrants to seize mobile devices of former Gov. Rick Snyder and 65 other current or former officials.
The 10-year-old girl's death in September 2018 makes her the first of now six migrant child deaths in federal custody within the past eight months.
Charles C. Johnson, a Holocaust denier, had a surprising and markedly informal exchange with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in 2018.
The disclosure by officials illustrates the tension within the Trump administration over using military resources to fortify the border.
This narrative is the latest Saudi account that has changed multiple times.
The "psychological and emotional impact is forever," the official said.
The numbers are the first comprehensive disclosure by the administration of how many families have been affected by its policies.
Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy Steve Winberg recently told ethics officials he held a stock option in his former employer.
The new sanctions are the most significant the U.S. has taken against Russia since Trump took office.
"If you want to keep gun laws as they are now, you will not get re-elected in Broward County.”
Director: Nathan Bender from 6 Brothers Pictures Cast: Bozzy (Corey Neville ) Sam (Ernie Crowther) and Mob Boss Saretti (Vincenzo
Surprise! Venezuela, the world's most miserable country (according to my misery index) has just released an annualized inflation estimate for the quarter that ended September 2015. This is late on two counts.
There are a few combinations that have changed the world: Bacon and ice cream, chicken and waffles, golden doodles, and chocolate
With the RNC kicking off this week and election mode launching into full gear, What's Trending is taking the opportunity to serve up a YouTube history of Republican Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.
Along with the common question of whether I "really" like living here, Japanese also want to know if I am here because of