offshore drilling

The changes are estimated to save the oil industry $824 million over the next decade.
The president "exceeded his authority," a federal judge in Alaska said.
Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson commended the 50th anniversary of the Santa Barbara oil spill by introducing legislation aimed at preventing another such disaster.
New authorizations may open up East Coast waters to harmful exploration for oil and gas.
Congressman-elect Joe Cunningham made protecting the state’s coast a central point of contrast with Republican Katie Arrington.
Opponents criticized Amendment 9 for bundling two disparate subjects -- to no avail.
The administration has taken a scalpel to reforms made in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
New state laws would block gas and oil from reaching shore for distribution.
The chief scientist on the expedition said it was like nothing he'd seen before.
Ryan Zinke credited Scott when he took Florida waters “off the table” for offshore drilling. The move has proven to be a legal and political headache.
In January, Ryan Zinke took Florida's coastal waters off the table. They appear to be back on.
It's "a good sign," said Kate Brown, who is among the governors demanding an exemption from Trump's drilling plans.
The proposal threatens more than 2.5 million coastal jobs for roughly two years worth of oil, an ocean conservation nonprofit reports.
A state commission has told the White House it won't approve pipeline permits.
"It is not a formal action," a key Interior Department official said of Zinke's announcement.
“Apart from Mar-a-Lago, I think we got everything Florida’s got,” Brian Frosh said of Maryland.
The Interior secretary’s move was immediately slammed as a political favor for Florida Gov. Rick Scott.
Now the Republican is trying to burnish his green cred before running for Senate. But he has a history of bait-and-switch.
The Trump administration’s decision is a step back to "the outdated, dirty and destructive energy policies of the past."