offshore profits

The massive Republican corporate tax cut won't likely encourage the return of sheltered money to America.
Instead of making a "deal" on deferment and letting the corporations just keep this money they owe us, let's fix this loophole and give most of this tax money to the 242 million adult U.S. residents. What's left over (and there might be a lot -- as much as $215 billion) can be used to fix our infrastructure and other priorities.
BAUCUS AND WYDEN * Total of profits stashed abroad up 93 percent 2008-2013 Next year lawmakers are likely to mount another
By removing the Scrooge-like obstacles embedded in the tax code, exiled cash could be fueling our sputtering American economy instead of creating jobs and investments in China or Vietnam by American multinational corporations.
Apple will tell the Senate that it doesn't use "gimmicks" to avoid paying taxes, like moving intellectual property to tax
Even though corporate tax breaks cost the U.S. government billions every year, the particulars of how they work remain a
Still, groups like CTJ say a move to a territorial tax system would hurt the U.S. by incentivizing companies to shift profits
U.S. companies have a record $1.9 trillion or more held abroad, according to a Bloomberg report. General Electric has the