offshore taxes

There's a pile of money hiding offshore. The stunning amount that continues to flow across American borders (and those of other countries), and eventually disappears into the pockets of the corporate and political elite, ultimately causes even more damage to our finances and our lives.
Tax experts estimate that Walgreens, which had planned an inversion with Alliance Boots of Switzerland, could have saved
By buying out a foreign company and using it as a tax haven, companies that "invert" don't move abroad in any real sense, and continue to benefit from America's infrastructure, education system, security and large consumer market.
Cuban's rant came the day after President Obama voiced his own opposition to a tax-avoidance scheme called an inversion, in
With all the U.S. corporate cash piling up on tiny Caribbean islands, it's a wonder the beaches can still accommodate sunbathers
If you have any firsthand information about a company, an organization or a person named in the ICIJ’s database, we want
Maya MacGuineas, a spokeswoman for the initiative and a budget expert who has worked with both Democratic and Republican
A Nike spokesperson declined to comment on the report. Microsoft and Apple didn’t immediately return messages from The Huffington
Apple is accused by a Senate panel of avoiding paying billions of dollars in U.S. taxes. Despite holding roughly $102 billion
Apple didn’t immediately respond to The Huffington Post's voicemail and email messages. On Tuesday, Cook is expected to testify