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NEW SHOREHAM, Rhode Island, July 27 (Reuters) - Rhode Island's Deepwater Wind will start installing the foundations for North
Cape Wind, an approved and controversial offshore project once planned for Cape Cod, is basically dead in the water after
It may be hard to believe, but plans are underway to power a conservative Texas community with 100% wind- and solar-powered electricity.
When Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to ban fracking in New York State in December 2014, New Yorkers thought their worries were over. They were wrong.
Conventional wind facilities on land, while essential for the renewable energy sector, are troubled by the intermittency of wind strength. But offshore wind facilities could offer an efficient means of drawing a highly abundant source of energy.
If you are an environmental lawyer, there is nothing more deflating than reading a judge's decision that clinically rejects all your best arguments. I know because I have had my share of losing environmental cases.
Other countries are taking offshore wind development far more seriously than the U.S. It's not too late, but the U.S. needs to up its game to see offshore wind as a scalable, commercial sector.
There are a lot of great things Europe has that the U.S. doesn't -- comfortable taxis, good table wine, Idris Elba -- and then there's offshore wind, lots and lots of offshore wind.
Unfortunately, LePage chose to base his veto message on a desire to undo a deal already in place with Statoil to develop an offshore wind-power pilot project and allow the process to be reopened so the University of Maine can put in a competing bid.
Boulder Solar Power LLC's 350-MW Midland solar photovoltaic project and TerraGen Power LLC's 70-MW New York Canyon geothermal
Careful readers might have been struck by the water depth MIT is talking about for this concept: 400 meters is far deeper
Twelve years after Jim Gordon, a New England developer of natural gas plants, launched his effort to build the country's first offshore wind project, the effort is mired in a bureaucratic tangle of permits, sign-offs and lawsuits.
“As we experience record domestic oil and gas development, we are moving forward at the same time with efforts to ensure
(c)2012 the Cape Cod Times (Hyannis, Mass.) "It's hard to speculate whether this will impact our goals," Massachusetts Executive
While Cape Wind in Massachusetts -- still at least two years from beginning ocean construction -- can surely claim to be
The Sierra Club’s New Jersey chapter is pressuring the governor – the headline speaker at the Republican National Convention
This knowledge will come in handy for wind speculators, who will always want to position offshore turbines so that they can
The United Kingdom, a country that's about the size of Oregon, is already the world leader in installed offshore wind capacity. How much offshore wind energy is installed in the United States? None.
If measured by the turnout at the rally at the Annapolis state house yesterday, of all the issues confronting the Maryland General Assembly, offshore wind power enjoys the most energetic public support.