oh the places you'll go

Getting attached to friends and places is no longer reckless. Dating can now be on the table. Transitioning from a month-to-month to a long-term lease is now allowed. The feeling of not owning my future is gone.
Yesterday, a loser teen was gifted Oh, the Places You'll Go! in earnest and completely without irony. The Dr. Seuss book, a graduation-season perennial favorite, was given to the seventeen-year-old by his mother.
Check out the adult-ified version of Oh, the Places You'll Go below -- then schedule some time to relax, stat. The truth
Life is not and will not be easy all the time. We can wait for it to change or we can take control and move ahead on our own.
And then I saw it -- Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss. Now, I have read this book about 1,000 times -- as a kid, to my kids. But as our daughter starts her first day of college, I read its bright, cheerful pages with new eyes.
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We should have read them the story before we saw the film as to brief them on what is and has always been, a very dark, upsetting
Dr. Seuss hated bullies, bigots and blow-hards. In all of his great works, the good doctor's progressive sentiment is right