O'Hare International Airport

You can avoid these common travel mistakes with a few simple steps during the planning process.
This is what Trump's executive order looks like through the eyes of children.
Protest isn’t simply about showing how many people you can turn out.
"It is illegal, it is unconstitutional, and it will be overturned," Sen. Elizabeth Warren said of Trump's executive order.
Chicago was forced to close down all traffic to international Terminal 5 due to a protest there.  Northwestern law student
A haiku is a Japanese three-line poem, 17 syllables, written in 5/7/5 syllable count. After three hours on the runway, then a cancelled flight, followed by six more hours at the airport, it was time to devote myself to this ancient literary form.
United flight 1463, which was carrying 96 passengers with five crew members on board, was bound for Orange County's John
A Chicago-based gay couple is crying foul after allegedly being ejected from a taxi cab onto a busy expressway after a quick kiss.
Though the report claims the driver accused the couple of "making sex," Sun Taxi Associates have yet to comment on the case
Yes, Chicago's O'Hare International Airport is about to hire some 25 goats and possibly some sheep. No, the airport is not
According to the Tribune, the embalmed heads came from a research facility in Rome on a Lufthansa Airlines flight about a
CHICAGO (Associated Press) -- Two Delta Airlines aircraft have collided on the tarmac at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport
United and Continental merged in May 2010. They still operate as separate airlines but are slowly integrating systems. CHICAGO
A state appellate court granted a temporary restraining order Thursday night, stopping the City of Chicago from relocating
O'Hare Airport travelers are seeing enhanced security measures -- just like airline passengers across the country in light