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In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court granted a last-minute stay of a lower court's ruling expanding early voting days and
FitzGerald said the Cuyahoga County Council will introduce legislation to override the state’s directives in an attempt to
Ohio voters will no longer be able to take part in early voting on Sundays or weekday nights, according to hours set by Secretary of State Jon Husted.
In a release on the "fair and uniform voting hours," Husted explained the goal of cutting back on opportunities for early
In recent days, an alarming episode has been on unfolding in Hamilton County, where I serve as a Cincinnati City Councilman. Cloaked in the guise of an administrative relocation is a Republican move aimed at voter suppression.
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) defended his decision to limit early voting in the state, saying that voting places
"We have received information that strongly suggests the Republican Party, under the guise of combating alleged voter fraud
Nevada Votes: 702,000 Democrats: 44 percent Republicans: 37 percent Below, the latest figures from the AP. Ohio Votes: 1.6
"If I die tomorrow, at least my vote counts today," he said. "When you first show up, you're like, 'holy shit,'" she said
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WASHINGTON, Oct 30 (Reuters) - More than 1.2 million Ohio residents have already voted in the state which is seen as one
Taylor and Sytsma had both been knocking on doors for months. Taylor had been doing it regularly since August, and Sytsma
* Ohio is key battleground state in presidential election When the pair failed to heed a warning to drop the plan, Husted
"If you look at 2008 as a watershed year," he said, "we are actually up. We have exceeded all of those numbers so far to
The Democratic ground game is succeeding in getting their voters to take the actions necessary to cast a vote for the President, while Republicans are not keeping pace.
"At this time in our lives and in this country, we can not afford to go back to a time when so many people were denied the
With the advent of early voting, Election Day has become Election Month in many states—like Noah’s flood, it now lasts for
“They are creating an environment whereby African American, Hispanic and poor people are being painted as offenders,” Turner
The political antics, the pastor said, hark back to the days of Jim Crow-style voter disenfranchisement. Meanwhile, ColorOfChange.org