"Academic reform has been too much of a good thing and we've overdone it, and moving to a point where we have only one pathway
Vouchers To Grow In Ohio? In Ohio, Gov. John Kasich's (R) budget plan would reduce funding gaps between wealthy and poor public school districts and also create a new voucher program, reports the Columbus Dispatch. The new vouchers would give about $4,250 a year toward private-school tuition to any kindergartener whose family is making less than 200 percent of the poverty line. The next year, Kasich would expand the program to include first graders. While an existing scholarship plan currently does something similar for 15,702 students, a full 1.8 million students would qualify for the new plan's income requirements The budget plan includes a 6 percent overall school funding increase the following year, and then 3.2 percent more the next year.
Scott Walker-Style Merit Pay? Speaking at a Friday convention, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) said he wants the state to begin a program that would pay partially teachers in accordance with their ratings, reports the Badger Herald. "One of the things we're looking to do going forward is to put additional resources into public education over the next two years in this budget in a variety of different ways is in part ... put money behind performance," Walker said. "How can we provide an incentive bonus?" 
There are currently no federal standards for the use of corporal punishment and restraint in schools, and only 17 states
"It's a tough phobia. You can't really get away from [children] when you're outside," Adler told Cincinnati.com. "When you're
He spoke to a crowd of more than 300 that had gathered for a meeting on the issue Tuesday, announcing that the school will
Ohio is one of 14 states across the country that now requires third graders to be reading at grade level to be promoted. Research
"We cannot, unless we barricade every school in this country, assure that there's never going to be a problem," DeWine said
It's unclear how other teachers and students made the connection between Eastman and Bright. (A WhoIs search yields Eastman
Jacksonburg had a population of 52 at the time, and lost 13 residents to the fire -- including one-third of Wayne School's
USA Today reports K12 strives to target children with its television and web ads; the for-profit online learning company
Elida's open enrollment is at 11 percent, but the district brings in just as many if not more each year. This year, 265 came
Afterward, the witnesses feared losing their jobs, Owen said. Some called the auditor's office, crying and scared, he said
By 2012, only nine states do not allow for the creation of charter schools, which are publicly funded but can be privately
Reddit user KyraGrace, identified by U.S. News as Celina junior Erick Warner, says that the students were punished because
Felicity's story echoes that of a number of school bus bullying incidents from around the country that have garnered strong
Ohio is one of 13 states across the country that now require third graders to be reading at grade level to be promoted. Research
Obama will call on Congress to revive his jobs bill, saying, "here we are – a year later with tens of thousands more educators
Change can only happen through education. And, because of that, I am a defender and supporter of education in my roles as teacher, mom, PTA leader, and community member.
The question of what to do with bad teachers has stymied America's education system of late, sparking chaotic protests in