Ohio Senate

The former Ohio state senator warned that Trump could "bring back the colored and white water fountain."
Delaying a nomination is unpopular in Ohio, where the incumbent Republican already trails.
By Kim Palmer The bill was backed by Ohio Right to Life, an anti-abortion group, which called the 20-week ban "the new pro
He attacked the concept of mandates as "Stalinist" again in January, comparing them to innovations made by famous inventors
What do we do in a legislature and state mostly controlled by men who have some difficulty using the medical terminology for genitals or understanding the difference between a woman's body and a man's?
Just two days after a majority of Ohio voters indicated at the polls that they support abortion rights, the GOP-controlled
"I think it's been a disaster," McCain said to reporters in answering a question on the decision, according to the Toledo
The commercial is a considerable shift from the negative attack ads that have dominated most of the 2012 election cycle, including
As the presidential candidates make tax policy personal, the same thing is happening in Ohio, where Sen. Sherrod Brown's
The documents were filed with a Cincinnati NBC affiliate, WLWT, one of the stations the group has been advertising on. Here
UPDATE: 11: 12 a.m. -- Shripal Shah, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's press secretary, issued the following
When asked why he thought progressives weren't matching the conservative spending in his race, Brown told The Huffington
Watch the new ad: "I'm Sherrod Brown, and this is a Chevy Cruze. We're both from Ohio," he says. He points out that the car
"We are doing an exposé on journalists in the elite media who socialize with elected officials they are assigned to cover
Progressive advocacy group MoveOn.org came out with more Senate candidate endorsements on Thursday, throwing its large grassroots
Incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) and GOP challenger Josh Mandel have raised $25 million this cycle, according to the Dayton
Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS is continuing its spending blitz, dropping another $2.5 million on ads in three states with competitive
"If George Soros or some wealthy person on the left drops $20 million into a race or a series of races, and his side wins
When asked for the context of the photo, Mandel communications director Travis Considine replied, "Josh didn't remember it