The Ohio Supreme Court has rejected a new map of the state’s 15 congressional districts as gerrymandered, sending the blueprint back for another try.
The Ohio Supreme Court ruled in favor of a former student journalist Thursday, determining that police departments at private universities are public entities and must release records under the state's open records law.
Mandel, the state treasurer, is being sued by Plunderbund over what the blog says is a denial of public records requested
By Reginald Fields Religion News Service The bishops said they concur with recent comments by Ohio Supreme Court Justice
The certificates at issue in the above-mentioned case were automatically renewing. Each year, with no effort of the consumer
O'Connor and the majority have created a standard that allows duly trained police officers to prove their case with nothing
It is not difficult to trace the root of this problem, it is simply a matter of following the money. According to a report
Chief Justice Eric Brown was appointed by Gov. Ted Strickland early last April, breaking a Republican monopoly on the seven
The best interest of children, while a default standard in family law cases (i.e. divorce), seems not to matter to some states when it comes to adoption. Baby Vaughn is a case in point.
In its on-going campaign to inject chaos and confusion into the voting process, the GOP has sued Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.
The presidency could again be decided here by how well what's left of the American democratic process can be protected.