oil and gas

Critics say there's a quid pro quo at work when oil giants, utilities and their banks donate to secretive foundations that support police.
Back-to-back decisions to abandon one pipeline and deactivate another show how vulnerable these projects are, despite the White House’s support.
The Federal Reserve's bond-buying program is yet another way the government props up an industry that experts say is in decline.
A bill intended to have a chilling effect threatens seven years in prison for protesters and up to $100,000 in fines for groups supporting them.
Newly released documents highlight the degree to which industry has shaped the rules that police it under the Trump administration.
The 12-member energy panel includes eight fossil fuel executives who have donated $4.2 million to Republican candidates and PACs since June 2016.
Oil and gas companies are constructing pipelines and wells amid the pandemic, risking workers’ lives and depleting personal protective gear.
The ruling out of Idaho lashed the Trump administration's "arbitrary and capricious" policy of slashing public input on environmental protections.
The new proposal would mean federal agencies wouldn't have to weigh effects on climate when reviewing infrastructure projects.
Energy Transfer Partners wants to ensure foes don't launch websites like "energytransfer.sucks."