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Scott Pruitt probably thought he’d get an easy ride in a Fox News interview. But Trump’s embattled EPA Chief was pummeled on the conservative network as his scandals mount.
IT'S BEEN TWO MONTHS since the U.S. presidential election, and there are just a couple of weeks until the inauguration. Can we at least agree on a couple of central points?
The fossil fuel industry is spending millions to salvage its reputation.
Burnett Oil Company filed an application with the National Park Service to conduct a seismic survey of 110 square miles (70,454
So who are Marc Short and Andy Koenig? The Times identified them only as "the president and senior policy adviser, respectively, at Freedom Partners, which advocates for free-market policies."
The rejection of the Keyston XL Pipeline revealed not only the gigantic chasm between environmentalists and industry, it also laid bare the ugly side of American politics where common sense often dies a slow, painful death.
A former EPA official is working with BP on a plan to undermine new smog standards.
To understand the impact of these new draft rules, it's important to look at what they do - and what they don't - and measure them against the nation's bold but readily achievable goals set out by the Obama administration earlier this year.
While regulation of methane is a necessity, these rules are much too weak to accomplish the administration's goals of meaningful greenhouse gas reduction.
In an email, Shell spokesman Curtis Smith called the approval of the company's exploration plan an "important milestone" that
As if to underscore Begich's commitment to Brownstein's oil and gas clients, the announcement of his hiring featured a quote
"I think EPA will really add to this dialogue," McCarthy said. "We have people already working with states to make sure that
"You told me this morning when I was in here... that you would drink this water," Osborn can be heard saying in a video posted
"It's important that the public has confidence that it's being done safely," said Jewell. "I don't think anybody would say
Acting immediately on climate change is nothing but in our best interest, both in its practicality and its symbolic value worldwide. Besides already being an economic and technological leader worldwide, we could easily lead the charge against global warming.
Colorado law has attempted to blunt the crushing effect of big money in politics through strong public disclosure laws that require spending by each of these groups in candidate elections to be reported online to Colorado voters.