oil and gas leasing

The announcement is a big win for coastal communities and environmental groups.
The reason for increased interest in drilling in national parks is complex. In some national parks, like the Cuyahoga Valley
In a statement, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said the plan "is a balanced proposal that would make available nearly 80
The oil and gas industry has a long history of resisting public accountability and protective standards, and generally avoiding tough questions about its practices and attacking its critics.
All the renewable energy in the world can't and won't make up for the fact that unless Colorado starts cutting back on coal burning, greenhouse gases are going to keep climbing.
For the first time, the U.S. House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forest, and Public Lands will consider a bill designed to protect millions of acres of spectacular Utah lands as wilderness.
The Interior Secretary has announced that he is canceling all 77 contested leases surrounding some of Utah's most stunning national parks. This redrock wilderness can now remain part of our natural heritage.
We don't have to choose between protecting places of rare beauty and keeping homes heated at affordable rates. We can do both.
It's not surprising that Congressman Ed Markey has launched an investigation of oil company involvement in the Bush administration
Facts and statistics tell a story very different from the conventional media depiction of nuclear and fossil fuel as the mainstays of the future, raising the question, "Who is fooling whom?"