oil disaster

Rescue efforts were impeded by a severe storm.
Appalachia Rising is another example of people joining together to address the void left by leaders. On September 25-27, citizens
Money has this amazing power to tear down doors and wipe out consciences. And Big Oil has so much money, it's no longer called money, it's called power.
The BP spill has almost certainly done enormous damage to sea life in the Gulf, with sea turtles possibly suffering the most
Markey, who successfully pressured BP to release live video of the leak, said through a spokesman on Tuesday: "Throughout
The recent disaster that occurred at a BP offshore drilling site near Louisiana--seriously injuring 17 workers, leaving 11
Three weeks after BP's oil well blew up and started poisoning the Gulf of Mexico, the private research vessel Jack Fitz, carrying
Now there's another reason to hate the company that America hates most, BP is using paid search to influence public opinion as people look for information about the oil spill and its consequences.
Vidrine did not testify as scheduled on Wednesday, citing an unspecified medical condition. The other top BP official on
If the catastrophe in the Gulf does not wake us up to the need to wean ourselves off oil and move towards clean, safe, renewable energy, I don't know what will.
BP is one of the lease holders and the operator of this exploration well. As operator, BP hired Transocean to conduct the