oil executives

"Please don't patronize me by telling me that the oil and gas industry doesn't have any special tax provisions," the California Democrat told the company chief.
Imagine how cold it has to be and how long it has to be that cold for a ten-mile by sixty-mile lake to stay frozen until the middle of April. And now imagine being a member of Congress deciding priorities for the world's wealthiest nation.
"I declined to take the meeting and I'm glad I did. It's upsetting when he continues to bash oil companies and yet he wanted
WASHINGTON -- Members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee expressed concerns over the causes and cleanup of the Gulf
Prewitt: "It's going to be a tight race, but Stevens could still win this thing. Stevens has been around so long, and we do have a very partisan situation up here in Alaska."
Prewitt: The book is my experience working as the confidential source who spent nearly four years helping the F.B.I. pry the lid open on the sordid world of political corruption in Alaska and Washington.
Supply and demand is one factor in determining price, but another factor used to be called "competition." Again, I'm not an economist, but I'm pretty sure that was supposed to drive prices down.