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About one-third of Los Angeles County residents live within a mile of a drilling rig. In this community, the oil drilling facility is just feet away.
Now she's being recognized as a Goldman Environmental Prize winner.
One speaker in the 2017 tape boasts of a petroleum group's links to David Bernhardt, who is now the acting Interior chief.
Newly released emails reveal the behind-the-scenes role played by retired Brig. Gen. Robert Crear at the Army Corps of Engineers.
The interior chief was so comfortable playing the part of an oil man he momentarily forgot he wasn't one.
A new batch of documents shows the oil giant had grasped the dangers of burning fossil fuels by the 1980s.
As climate litigation heats up, a judge's climate science tutorial puts the fossil fuel industry in an awkward position with the science deniers it once funded.
“The notion that we, tonight, after 60-plus years, would give up what is a biologically important area ... for what? For oil we don’t need?”
A new “superbody” assembly has been formed in Venezuela, taking power from its elected government. It’s feared President Nicolas Maduro will use the assembly to rewrite the constitution, to make himself a dictator.
"I miss all of you," he said during the World Petroleum Congress.
State officials had said the Tesoro Anacortes refinery explosion was the oil company's fault.
Alaska Native and environmental advocacy groups want to block the president's freeze on an Obama-era drilling ban.