oil painting

Claudia Borgogno won the artwork after buying a $109 ticket to help provide water for villagers in Madagascar and Cameroon.
In a matter of minutes, the piece is radically transformed.
Red I, 44" x 36", oil on canvas Green II, 30" x 36", oil on canvas But trash, and engineered things, worn tools, cracked
Thornbury Castle, watercolor on paper I always look forward to painting on site (despite all the inconveniences and distractions
I've returned a number of times to revisit the exhibit as, from an artist's perspective, it is fascinating to see works that are not finished offer insight into the artistic working process -- what the artist may have been thinking at that point in the painting.
This great painting tells me both these stories, and in telling them to me, reminds me of something my best friend said maybe
I find myself exhausted by the political swirl and the constant need to do everything faster. I find respite in meditation, in nature and in art.
Nietzsche's idea of "the overman" (Übermensch) is one of the most significant concept in his philosophy. It has been translated
The intense and highly remarkable idea behind his series, "Floating Cities," amongst many others, is a recipe of pure imagination, creative understanding and a touch of Sci-Fi.
For the last 45 years, Julio has bestowed upon the world hundreds of paintings that not only tell a fantastical tale suggesting where he's been and what he's seen , but they also explore a rather exotic aspect of the human subconscious.