Oil Pipeline

Critics say officials are ignoring the potential threat to wildlife and the environment.
The congressman urged state officials to think about climate change, pollution and Native American rights.
Dave Archambault Jr., the leader of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe that is leading the efforts to stop the pipeline, summed
They fear the pipeline will jeopardize drinking water and sacred sites.
Standing Rock Sioux Reservation members are running 2000 miles to deliver a petition to lawmakers, asking them to stop an oil pipeline that risks polluting their ancestral lands.
It is time for The Argus Leader to tell "the rest of the story" and provide the people of South Dakota with information from
A necropsy is planned to determine the cause of death, according to SeaWorld. Plains All American Pipeline LP, the owner
The Los Angeles Times reports that per PHMSA's records, Plains All American has had 20 federal enforcement cases since 2006
Now is the time to unite our voices to protect what we love, because a small, often overlooked "something" is happening that will have a huge impact on the future of oil drilling in this nation.
Over 90 percent of Canada's oil reserves are bitumen, the costly production of which nets only 4 percent to Canada's GDP. But oil represents 40 percent of the country's exports. So the urgency to develop and export the tar-sands oil has become a national priority.
Keystone XL's developer, Canadian pipeline giant TransCanada, said the line has broad support, and there is a waiting list
5: It's robbing farmers of their land. Perhaps the most infuriating aspect of this massive pipeline is that, even before
From the tar sands of Alberta to the oil refineries of Texas, the Keystone XL pipeline poses an array of potential environmental
Encouraged by the passage of a Senate budget amendment to approve the construction of the Keystone XL, Rep. Lee Terry (R
Maya Lemon, a 23-year-old from Nacogdoches, Texas, grew up just a few miles away from the path of the Keystone XL pipeline's