oil pulling

It is a quick, simple and extremely inexpensive practice (all you need is a $7 tongue cleaner!) that reaps many benefits. I call tongue scraping the "unsung hero of oral health."
In fact, if you have a sensitive stomach, now is where I tell you to run. Run far away from the rest of this harrowing tale. Chances are, you'd never try oil pulling to begin with, anyway.
But the scientifically backed truth, while still compelling, is a lot less exciting. According to the handful of published
Two HuffPost Live hosts tried the ancient health and beauty practice of oil pulling -- swishing oils in the mouth for 15 minutes straight.
Secondly, it's supposed to have amazing benefits including whitening teeth, clearing up acne and imparting a glow to one's
HuffPost Live hosts Caitlyn Becker and Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani demonstrated "oil pulling," an ancient practice said to
More from the bizarre world of beauty: It whitens teeth. Coconut oil possesses natural antibiotic and anti-viral properties
Read this before making a mad dash to the kitchen.