Oil refinery

The announcement came as the U.S. released new evidence to support its allegation that Iran was responsible for the attack on Saudi Arabia's oil sites.
Trump reportedly told EPA head Andrew Wheeler to grant 31 waivers exempting refineries from using corn-based ethanol.
The Washington governor made the remark a day after Bernie Sanders called out the industry’s “criminality” in the Democratic debate.
Last month's explosion at a 150-year-old oil refinery in Philadelphia could have forced 1.1 million people to evacuate.
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Locally our gasoline and diesel purchases are the most lethal toxin in American politics. Just a couple of weeks out from the election it's good to remind ourselves -- lots of voters may not think the ballot counts, but Big Oil knows better.
If low penalties aren't enough, business allies in Congress are busily making it harder to collect penalties once levied -- the House Appropriations Committee just voted to block EPA from garnishing wages to collect fines from recalcitrant violators.
It's either incompetence or apathy. Either way, it's another example that both state and federal officials truly are incapable of fully protecting the air we breathe here in Colorado.
BP will pay a $50.6 million penalty and spend at least $500 million to upgrade its Texas City, Texas, refinery where a 2005
WASHINGTON -- BP's runaway deepwater well could still become a moneymaker for the company, even as it tries to stem the gush
Tragedy struck my hometown of Anacortes, WA, this latest Good Friday when an explosion at the Tesoro Refinery just after midnight killed five workers and left two more in critical condition.
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Atchison Village seems like a great place to live. It's a pleasant neighborhood in California. But there's a downside: this town has a bad neighbor, and it's the third-largest corporation in the world.