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What we're seeing is a sea change in elite thinking on the future availability and attractiveness of fossil fuels. There are good reasons to be deeply skeptical of such claims, but that hardly matters when they are gaining traction in Washington and on Wall Street.
Whenever I bring up the importance of getting America the energy plan it deserves, someone always says, "Boone, let's not pick winners and losers. Let's let the market decide." There's only problem with that statement.
The retail price of regular gasoline in the United States has risen for seven weeks straight, Lundberg said. * Rise comes
Recently surging gas prices aren't solely the fault of taxes though. Other factors, such as a tense situation in Iran and
(AP) VIENNA — An OPEC report suggests that world demand for its oil is outstripping the present supply. The monthly demand
"Saudi Arabia is trying to put more oil on the market, but no-one is buying it," Badri said. VIENNA (Alex Lawler and Barbara
The market fails at giving a timely signal to prepare for "peak oil." Given that we can't invest trillions on the basis of mere speculation, where are we going to get the data on the basis of which to prepare in time?
No matter where you look, it is becoming increasingly clear that tomorrow's oil supply is going to come from very different places than today's.
The Alberta tar sands are not a new discovery. The only thing new about the tar sands is that they are now considered a commercially viable source of oil supply.
As the days of rupture flow by, not only is the area no longer the answer to tomorrow's oil demand, but before too long it
Tar sands producers and others are promoting tar sands oil as an ecologically-friendly alternative to the environmental risks of another deep-water oil spill. How low the bar has fallen.
One big difference between the nuclear power industry and the oil industry is depletion. In today's oil industry, you have
RIO DE JANEIRO -- Faced with the world's most important oil discovery in years, the Brazilian government is seeking to step