oil train derailment

Just a little over two months ago, a disastrous oil train derailment occurred in Mosier, Oregon, spilling 47,000 gallons
Should we go to trial, many of us will be arguing we did this out of necessity, in order to prevent a far greater looming evil -- of being incinerated in our sleep, of doing nothing to stop this deadly fossil fuel cargo while hundreds of thousands of people die each year from floods, disease, malnutrition, and heat stress due to climate change.
The DOT's rule indicated that such disclosure might have "negative security and business implications." But Schaitberger
"Every new derailment increases the urgency with which we need to act," Cantwell said in a statement. "We can’t afford to
On Friday, March 6, while an oil train explosion in Illinois was still sending flames and black smoke into the air, railroad agents were in Washington, DC lobbying to weaken new train safety standards.
TORONTO, March 7 (Reuters) - A Canadian National Railway Co train carrying crude oil derailed near the northern Ontario community
These stunning aerial photos were taken by West Virginian Paul Corbit Brown, who lives just down the road from the site of
"I look forward to working with the administration to implement the report's recommendations and provide other safeguards
In January, oil-laden tank cars derailed on a rail bridge in Philadelphia, prompting a local protest. Albany County Executive
You'd be hard-pressed to find another scenario so ripe with risk, uncertainty and horrific examples of failure, while simultaneously unimpeded by regulators or even common sense safety measures.