Crispy, golden, perfect.
With Farmshare Austin's farmer starter program ready to grow, Johnson can get back to the thing he loves -- organic farming.
Which of these gives you the willies?
Once you master the cooking of this pod, you'll be hooked for life.
The best recipe to segment your way into okra mastery is to fry it southern style.
For each drink purchased, patrons will have the opportunity to vote for one of four organizations that they see fit to receive
Okra -- it's one of those vegetables that you either love or hate. There seems to be almost no in between. But really, why
Pickled okra has a spot on our plate all year long.
2011-08-24-Screenshot20110823at9.22.54PM.jpg My C.S.A. share blessed me with a vegetable both loved and loathed by many: okra.
Sometimes I wonder if it's even fair to post recipes as simple as the one I'm sharing today. So let's call this one a technique, shall we?