old books

As the owner of a literary gift company, I have a lot of gorgeous old books. I'm often lucky enough to find hidden treasures, secret snippets of the past, nestled within their pages.
We're definitely judging these books by their covers.
BookFinder.com has released an annual report ranking the most popular out-of-print books of the year. The Madonna book costs
Got any other novel ideas? Leave them in the comments! List and captions courtesy of Networx If you’re the type of person
I'm still trying to figure out how electronic bookstores are going to replace this past time. I don't know that they can.
If you're a diehard bookworm, then you probably loathe throwing away old books. Here's a solution: upcycle them into things
According to this video from Abe Books, "Chemists at University College, London have investigated the old book odor and concluded
Have a bunch of old books laying around? Turn them into unique decorations by creating unique pumpkins, perfect for autumn
My "Pop Sensation" blog is dedicated to celebrating the beauty, absurdity and unintentional hilarity of mid-20th-century paperback cover art.
On Twitter,The London Library (@TheLondonLib) replied with, "Given that our collection includes books from the 16th century