Old Glory

I just can't take it anymore. The morning news is just too awful, especially as I now wake up every morning in my new home
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Virginia all participate in this misguided paean to a troubling past. No, this is not the continuation of some long-standing tradition, but amazingly a creature of modern politics starting in 1994.
Certainly one can rightly honor the bravery of fallen soldiers no matter whether they wore blue or grey. But honoring the man's bravery or military insights is not equivalent to honoring the cause for which he fought. The cause championed by the South should cover every American with shame.
Here are 10 quirky, unsung places in Baltimore you may have missed on your first visit.
The founding promises have not exactly been kept but they still could be honored with actions. That is what that flag represents. It still moves dreams and starts hearts. It always will.
Does anyone look at the American flag in the same way since September 11? Now, it's even more important not to take the stars and stripes for granted.
2009-01-19-crash.jpg Just days before Obama's inauguration, it's hard not to equate the landing and rescue of US Air Flight 1549 on the Hudson River to the state of American politics.
Times may change but he American Flag remains undaunted, ready to solicit a tear of joy, surge of pride, or a blast of an anthem at her spot-lit presence.
I drove from Palos Heights to Orland Park zig-zagging through communities and looking, searching, hoping. I saw a couple