old spice

They'll undoubtedly get you into the festive spirit.
"A global renaissance man who has more than his fair share of good looks and amazing stories of personal adventure and achievement."
Remember when women used to shave their legs--and other parts? Now that Brazilian or bikini waxing is waning, old fashioned shaving is experiencing a renaissance for those who don't want to remove body hair forever.
While a brand used to have to spend zillions of dollars to get its ad on TV or its logo on a billboard, now social media like Twitter make it possible to reach millions of people quickly, without spending millions of dollars.
If you ask me, these key brand principles belong in our personal world every bit as much as the professional sector. After all, we were, each one of us, born the CEO of our own lives.
Could there be a better choice? Crews is currently starring in Fox's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," is part of the "Expendables" movies
After a hiatus of almost one year, Terry Crews is back with another totally out-there, seriously surreal commercial for Old
Just in the films coming out next year you've got comedy, romance, thriller, drama and action. How important is it to you
A word of warning to all moms out there: Old Spice is turning your boys into men. The brand that's become synonymous with
A big kudos goes out to Quinn for the well-earned praise, and our sincere hopes for many more innovations to be featured
At its core, the "Susan Glenn" Axe campaign is hardly presenting a new revelation or message in the wide world of advertising. However, the key difference is that "Susan Glenn" delves into the until-now-untapped psyche of the average teenager. And boy, is this powerful stuff.