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The couple said it was love at first sight when they met in 2016.
There's no other way to say this: When it comes to events involving the toilet, there's a possibility things might get stinky
Old Spice is out with a new advertisement starring ripped actor Terry Crews, and this one is an insane, interactive, musical
Though Mustafa cleared up why he made the "self-deprecating" comment about his "nappy" hair, we are still left with the question
Billions of eyeballs are right now looking for the most compelling video to watch -- make sure it's yours, and not your opponent's, that shapes your campaign.
It seems Isaiah Mustafa found some time after solving the NFL lockout debacle to release a video officially accepting Fabio's
As we reported last week, Old Spice is replacing Isaiah Mustafa with Italian model Fabio in their Old Spice Guy viral ads
Wieden+Kennedy have lived on the stage this week picking up awards for Old Spice. However, while the original TV ads were fun, it was the later YouTube-only "Responses" element that lifted the campaign from good to great.
The Old Spice Man is still on the market, ladies. Despite reports that he's romancing Kathy Griffin, Isaiah Mustafa says
Move over, Levi Johnston! Kathy Griffin has a new man in her life, and this time, it's the real deal! UsMagazine.com reports
WATCH: He's back. Mustafa announces he's returned "to inform the people on this crazy blue marble that we call Earth" in
Party of Five and Scream actress Neve Campbell, 37, recently announced her divorce from actor John Light, and she has since
The advertising world obsesses about what makes things go viral, so when a true viral hit like Old Spice Guy happens, everyone's going to try to deconstruct it. But it takes more than a checklist to create a viral hit.
One of our favorite childhood shows and one of our favorite memes of all time have collided in one epic video that is bound