old style

I am fascinated with the scoreboard at Wrigley Field. It is made of sheet steel, as are the numbers that are manually adjusted by operator Darryl Willson to reflect the scores of the games going on at any one time in the National and American Leagues during Cubs baseball games.
The oldest known pants in the world were found in China, but look oddly similar to today's trends.
A pair excavated from tombs in Yanghai, China are the oldest known pants in the world, according to Science News. They were
Old Style. Literally. The beer brand familiar to generations of Chicagoans is returning to a process it started with in the
By the time I was old enough to be sent to the fridge to fetch a cold one, William P. Schirmang had wheedled Old Style out of his trunk, and into the hearts of beer drinkers across town.
It has been said (ad nauseum) that Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, which sounds pretty cozy and quilt-like until you examine what that means.