old west

Imagine you found an old photograph in a junk bin in an antique store, paid sixty-eight cents for it, and then upon closer
For more on Bandit Town and how it came to be, check out this exclusive interview with Mayor Mcmillan here. My first impression
We will probably never be able to solve the gun issue in America, and we will continue to kill one another with a greater frequency than any civilized nation on Earth. We have a law, our second amendment right, so goes the cry. If people get shot to death, so be it. After all, we must obey and respect that amendment, that's what we hear over and over again.
Incident happened during the city's annual "Helldorado Days."
Be warned. John Maclean's directorial debut, Slow West, practices truth in advertising. But "slow" seems harsh as an adjective for this compelling film. "Patient" would be a more apt description; "studied" or "measured" would be two more. 
The museum’s website describes its collection as “an impressive display of gold dust and ore from California’s Gold Country
With the sunset of the cowboy and all things fastened to him also comes nightfall on all the other trappings of the Old West, and for us the real tragedy is the disappearance of the saloon.
What I saw in the Old West was a magic made possible by a nation imagining itself for the first time through new technologies: print, film, television.
As someone well into his 50s, I've never had the time or inclination to be a voracious video gamer. That's for the young, impressionable, and unemployed. But now and then I creep into marvelously rendered PS3 worlds that take my breath away.
Sometimes, all you want is a knock-down, guns-blazing approximation of an old-style western, even if it's set in contemporary times. As a modern oater, The Last Stand is shamelessly entertaining.