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After the announcement of Oscar nominations on Thursday, we can steel ourselves for an incessant stream of articles declaring
One of the things I like about these movies is their unpredictability. In American films, there are certain characters that will never die, and certain lines that will never be crossed. That is not the case here.
Spike Lee's "Oldboy" failed to find an audience over the long holiday weekend, earning just $1,250,000 in its first five days of release.
I've been a fan of Spike Lee -- if not of all of his movies -- for 25 years. And I've found that, more often than not, he's at his best when he's directing someone else's material -- or someone else's story. It's absolutely true of Oldboy.
"It's a hard business." (Village Voice) "FilmDistrict had limited exposure on the film and expects to see some traction in
"The Dark World," yes. You didn't know that? No. I had no idea. That's pretty cool. Did you watch the original movie? No
For the festival? Yeah. And I remember being like, I still can't talk about it, right?. I thought Marvel had a plan to break
In fact, at one of those dinners, Lee told Jackson he was making "Oldboy," a film that Jackson watches "eight or nine times
FilmDistrict is set to release Spike Lee's reinterpretation of "Oldboy" on Nov. 27, but for those fans who can't wait that