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After the announcement of Oscar nominations on Thursday, we can steel ourselves for an incessant stream of articles declaring
One of the things I like about these movies is their unpredictability. In American films, there are certain characters that will never die, and certain lines that will never be crossed. That is not the case here.
Spike Lee's "Oldboy" failed to find an audience over the long holiday weekend, earning just $1,250,000 in its first five days of release.
I've been a fan of Spike Lee -- if not of all of his movies -- for 25 years. And I've found that, more often than not, he's at his best when he's directing someone else's material -- or someone else's story. It's absolutely true of Oldboy.
Lee participated in multiple interviews before the "Oldboy" was released, and often discussed the difficulties that come
But then I saw some of the people who were going to do it -- like Edie and Lorraine [Bracco] and Vinnie and Tony. I didn't
Directed by Spike Lee, "Oldboy" (out Nov. 27) is a remake of the South Korean cult classic of the same name from director
"I can't talk to him about something he hasn't seen," Jackson said to New Zealand's 3 News. "I probably won't have a conversation
FilmDistrict is set to release Spike Lee's reinterpretation of "Oldboy" on Nov. 27, but for those fans who can't wait that
Lee didn't comment on the "Oldboy" delay himself, but he did retweet one fan comment on the shift: Despite coming at the
Following in the footsteps of "Veronica Mars" and Zach Braff, Lee has launched an online campaign to help fund his next feature film. The Brooklyn filmmaker on Monday unveiled his bid to raise $1.25 million over the next month using the fundraising site Kickstarter.
Prove your love and the producers of Sharknado will give you a walk-on role... Slipknot founder to direct immortal cop Officer Downe... Red band trailer for Oldboy...
The first trailer for Spike Lee's remake of "Oldboy" has arrived, and it's filled with enough wild imagery and homage to
The film's poster was designed by Neil Kellerhouse, the man behind art for "The Social Network," "The Girl With the Dragon
Was there ever a time something came through in the wrong way? What was it like being name-dropped by Meryl Streep during
Now with Stoker, maestro of mayhem Park has staked an outpost in English-language film. It's a deliciously unhinged exercise in stylish horror studded with a stellar cast including Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, and Matthew Goode.
Chan-wook Park's Stoker is audaciously, in-your-face creepy and exhilarating in a way few films have been since David Lynch's Blue Velvet. Because it's not just the creepiness -- but the way Park gets you involved in his world so that you can't look away.
"We worked with the writer," Olsen said about the pre-production proces. "There was a rewrite based on our opinions of our
Spike Lee has signed on to take up the task of remaking the Korean film Oldboy. This film is beloved by many not for it's brutal depiction of vengeance, but for it's depth of human emotions betrayed through director's Park Chan-wook lens.