older workers

I know that you both believe that age should not be an issue in your hiring by the American people in November or throughout your term. Alas, that is not an option for many older Americans.
Here we go again. This time it's not coming from the mainstream media but from a research study that has a high risk of being misinterpreted. Regardless of the source, the argument that older workers should step aside is as flawed as ever.
If you want to keep your job in the years just before retirement, don't be this guy.
I knew my days were numbered as soon as the new org chart came out. It was complicated, with squiggles and two-sided arrows. It was like a corporate Escher print, and I couldn't -- for the life of me -- figure out where I belonged in the company that had been my employer for six years.
Attitudes need to change, says the man who brought Tim Cook to Apple.
Older Latino workers are far more likely to have physically stressful jobs than their peers.
See what I mean?... Hey! Younger Person! In case no one has had the nerve to tell you these things, listen up: Have a little
It's easy to write off workplace conflicts as age discrimination, but older workers often hurt themselves.
Regrettably, there has been a difficult change in our country, and many of us didn't see it coming. I come from a generation that was given certain promises. So we diligently followed the rules. The world today, however, doesn't see us this way. In many cases, our value isn't recognized.