A new Harvard study links increased whole grain consumption with reduced mortality risk. The secret's in the bran and the
You don't have to be Olympic material to love and eat pasta and pulses. A new Mass General study links plant-based protein
One of the oldest ways of eating, the Mediterranean Diet remains one of the healthiest and most vegan-friendly, relying on
2) We eat more than lettuce (hell, wouldn't you?). America is happier than ever. Since Oldways' Whole Grains Council launched
Those trying to have their side of beef and eat it, too, often talk about narrowing the gap between modern meat, and the kind of meat we "should" all eat. Pure meat. Ethically raised, free to range, well fed, organic, and all that.
Yes, we want a world of peace and harmony. Damn it, we do! Yet, how elusive it is. And of course, the enemy to what we would
One may confidently presume that the experts at any such conference would opine at some length, offering insights about different
Dr. Katz has received compensation from the California Walnut Commission for public speaking. Founder, The True Health Initiative
News flash: Top global physicians and academics agree -- eat more fruits and vegetables.
Calories count. But of course, so does the quality of food. The fallacy propagated by a noisome minority is that there is
Organized by Oldways, the International Pasta Organisation and AIDEPI, the congress takes place every five years. I was among
One of the diets that has stood the test of time, has been followed by real people and has the research to support it, is the Mediterranean diet. A non-restricting diet associated with numerous health benefits. And while it is a specific way of eating, it is also a way of living.
Started last year in the UK by two animal-loving activists, Veganuary encourages you to take a monthlong vegan pledge and
Still, conjuring what you're grateful for is always worth doing, not just for the sake of going out into the day with a stupid-ass grin on your face, but because giving thanks is good for us.
We created the Chefs Collaborative (CC), an organization for chefs changing the sustainable food landscape. Now an independent
Or what? I've been thinking about carrying the mother in terms of another metaphor -- earth. We're going to have to work
In addition to being the folks who helped demystify whole grain products by creating the whole grain stamp, the Whole Grains
Lose the feeding frenzy aspect (please), and Thanksgiving is about creating celebration, togetherness, a sense that everything's going to be all right.