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The next stop on HuffPost’s “Listen To America” bus tour was Oxford, Mississippi, where we met Ole Miss senior Jake Thrasher, a cartoonist for the student newspaper. When he drew cartoons mocking the Confederate flag, the death threats began.
Applying to federal agencies and private foundations for funding might not be consistent with playing an anthem to the Atlantic slave trade at football games.
"That happened," the top prospect acknowledged after video showed him taking a hit from a gas-masked bong.
Southern-born and southern-bred Steve Earle recently composed a song called "Mississippi, It's Time." Along with Steve Earle
The state flag has the Confederate battle emblem in the upper left corner.
The attacked student suffered a concussion, several broken teeth, a ruptured eardrum and had a bruised lung.
Why are they all smiling so much in their mug shots?
It's now up to administrators to decide whether to take down the state flag.
There is football, college football and then there is University of Alabama football. A visit to Tuscaloosa for the night game against Ole Miss was an eye opener, dispelled many stereotypes and provided me with a renewed appreciation for SEC football.