One 4K TV that is ridiculously tempting is the wallpaper 4K OLED LG unveiled at CES last month. The 65-inch OLED 65W7P ($7,999.99
Apple just introduced the iPhone 7 and it seems that the market already has two conflicting views about this product.
The new line of LCD TVs will feature three models that support 4K content, along with one, gigantic, 96-inch giant that supports 8K.
SmartThings SleepSense Around a third of IFA's show floor space is annually occupied by appliances, especially coffee makers
Okay, so OLED and quantum dot UHDs are drool worthy. But would I buy an OLED or a quantum dot or any 4K UHD TV? Nope, at least not yet. Here are 5 reasons why I'll wait at least a year to buy my first 4K UHD TV.
Don't be tempted by UHD - yet. You'll be grinning like the Joker after you pick-up a sub-$1,000 50-plus-inch HDTV before the Seahawks-Broncos meet in the Meadowlands on Feb. 2.
We’ve partnered with our friends at GMC to dispel what is no longer the stuff of movie magic by ushering in the next generation
The panels use an organic chemical compound as a key material which emits light in response to an electric current. Due to
SEOUL/BERLIN (Reuters) - Two of Samsung Electronics' advanced OLED television sets have gone missing while on their way to
Both Samsung and LG in January displayed prototype 55-inch OLED (organic light emitting diode) screens - which boast sharper
The theme of this year's Consumer Electronics Show was "connected living." Everything from wrist watches to toaster ovens featured ways to connect to the Internet. Why? Because they could.
Pocket Lint says that a late 2012 release date is likely. The price hasn't been revealed by LG. LG has unveiled its much
If you've ever wanted to view the world as it's seen from space, now is your chance. The first spherical large-scale OLED
If you walk the floors of CES 2010, you get the sense that 3D HDTV is a done deal, the next big thing, and something everyone is going to snap up in the next few months. I don't buy it, but the hype is strong.
Read more on ars technica Last year at Thanksgiving, I was thankful for OLED displays finally coming to market in a meaningful